Radiator Cleaning Machine

Radiator Cleaning Machine

Radiator Cleaning Machine;; The catalyst and particle filter cleaning as a manufacturer of cleaning machines and cleaning work in Europe and in terms of property in Turkey has the first feature. (Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines)

DpfMac Particle Filter Cleaning company

DpfMac’s cabinet washing machine closes the cover after the particle or catalyst is correctly attached to the head, and performs cleaning with an automatic on-off system from the control panel with a completely auto control system. All metal parts used in DpfMac particle cleaning machines with cabinet are made of 304 stainless steel and other materials used are preferred from self-proven brands. Also machines; It cleans the filters of heavy vehicles and light commercial vehicles. By combining the patented machine, designed and patented by Dpf Mac, with a specially formulated solvent, the clogged particle filter or catalytic convector was cleaned in a short time.

Diesel Dpfmac particle cleaning machine and filter has a structure that traps all harmful substances in diesel engine vehicles to keep the soot and harmful gases that occur after combustion to make it cleaner to the nature.

In this system designed according to European standards, in order to reduce exhaust emissions and particles such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulate filters are preferred in vehicles with all diesel engines to meet the emission regulation. With this system, it is aimed to create exhaust gas with lower emission values ​​by filtering the particle particles.

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Radiator Cleaning Machine

Dpfmac Radiator Cleaning Machines-700

DpfMac Ending Dismantling in Torpedo
* Cleans the heater cores without dismantling and dispersing the interior torpedo.
* Cleans the Main Radiator on the vehicle without removing it.
* Cleans the inner cylinder water channels without removing them.
* It prevents heat in summer.dpf
* Provides early warming of the vehicle in winter.
* Provides up to 10% fuel saving.
* The residue that comes out by cleaning your vehicle’s radiator and engine with RTM700 and
It extends the life of the engine by removing rust.
* LPG, CNG and Oil Cooler Regulators can be cleaned without removing from the vehicle.

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