Çınar Dpfmac Cleaning Machine

Çınar Dpfmac Cleaning Machine

Dpfmac Makine company offers you a quality service with its particle cleaning machines. Çınar Dpfmac Machines Particulate Cleaning Machine Features ;

  • Sensor with tank and water level control system.
  • 220 volt AC operation (Optional 220V)
  • Binding apparatuses up to 40..80 mm diameter
  • Up to 150 cm particulate and catalyst binding property
  • Water Flow Power max. 0-12 bar feature
  • Working with 5 to 10 bar compressor
  • Feature ability to adjust water flow rate with automatic electric valve
  • Resistance protection sensor

For detailed information about Çınar Dpfmac Cleaning Machine, visit their website. However, you can contact the company officials through the contact numbers available on their sites. You can click on the link text created to easily access the website of Çınar Dpfmac Machine.

Phone: +90 212 321 20 09 – Dpf Cleaning Machine